Performance Standards

Functional components and characteristics of the flexible endoscope are tested multiple times during the repair process to ensure the scope meets or exceeds performance standards.  Your equipment MUST PASS final inspection before it leaves our facility.  Final inspection ensures your equipment comes back to you fully operational and ready to be used, it includes:

  • Leak testing
  • Angulation system
  • Imaging
  • Channels
  • Air/Water System
  • Suction System
  • Auxiliary Water System
  • Elevator System
  • Insertion tube
  • Light guide tube
  • Control body
  • Bending section
  • Tensioner
  • Data transfer
  • Switch function
ERS Endoscope

Our Warranty

ERS warrants any repair or refurbishment service will meet or exceed industry standards! We offer a 120 day limited warranty following your repair service. On preowned equipment ERS offers a 1 year limited warranty. ERS master technicians handle your order from start to finish. If at any point you would like to speak with the service professional directly – just call!