The ERS Way is very simple and to the point. It is our core value that defines how we operate as an organization from top to bottom and that is PATIENTS FIRST! Our commitment is to treat every piece of equipment we service as if it is going to be used on our loved ones. Not only do we guarantee quality repair service but find value in partnering with our customers to provide education with data driven results, regulatory and IFU consulting, as well as additional services to help you provide the best patient outcomes possible.

ERS Value-Added Programs

In-Services (Continuing Education):

  • Care and Handling of Flexible Endoscopes
  • Care and Handling of Rigid Endoscopes
  • Care and Handling of Surgical Cameras
  • Care and Handling of Surgical Handpiece
  • Competency Validation for Endoscope Processing Staff

Competency Validation for clinical staff when handling flexible endoscopes:

  • Dry and Wet Leak Testing
  • Manual Cleaning
  • Reprocessing
  • Reprocessing with a known leak
  • Hands-on maintenance inspection
  • Space Utilization Assessment

Regulatory and Manufacture Guideline Consulting

GI and SPD Endoscope Process Assessments
Capital Equipment Consultation
Proactive Maintenance Programs

The ERS Way