Detailed Reporting & Quality Control Processes, Helping You Reduce Repairs

At ERS, we offer a value-added program of reporting assessments and education. By utilizing our detailed reporting and quality control process, we can help you reduce the number of repairs by actively monitoring repair trends. Through active tracking and communication, we work directly with you to target areas where failures may be occurring.

ERS experienced staff members perform detailed process assessments from patient bedside through reprocessing and storage. We partner with you, for you!

In addition, our detailed assessments and reports provide us the opportunity to deliver targeted education to patient and employee safety. ERS education programs are designed with all regulatory and manufacturer guidelines being met to include and not be limited to point-of-use cleaning, transportation, leak testing, manual cleaning, and proper storage.

Current Educational Offerings:

  • Care and handling of Flexible Endoscopes
  • Care and Handling of Rigid Endoscopes
  • Care and handling of Surgical Cameras
  • Care and handling of Surgical Hand Pieces
The ERS Way