ScopeVault™ Endoscope Storage Cabinet

ERS is proud to offer ScopeVault™, a healthy, safe and compliant environment to securely store your endoscopy equipment.

  • Endoscopes don’t touch each other or the back wall – hang freely
  • Endoscopes don’t touch the floor
  • Cabinet is well ventilated – dust free – circulation around endoscopes
  • Endoscopes hang vertically
  • LED lighting
  • 24/7 HEPA – filtered air
  • Removable drip tray
  • Space saving technology – small footprint
  • Free standing

Got Compliance? We've Got You Covered!

ScopeVault adheres to all of these compliance items and more!

  • Flexible and semi-rigid endoscopes should be stored in a closed cabinet.
  • Cabinets should have venting that allows air circulation around the endoscopes.
  • Cabinets should have internal surfaces composed of cleanable material.
  • Cabinets should have adequate height to allow endoscopes to hang without touching the bottom.
  • Cabinets should have sufficient space for storage of multiple endoscopes without touching.
  • Flexible endoscopes may be stored in a closed cabinet with HEPA-filtered air that provides positive pressure and allows air circulation around the flexible endoscopes, if a drying cabinet is not available.
  • Flexible endoscopes that have been mechanically processed should be stored in a cabinet that is either sufficient height, width, and depth to allow flexible endoscopes to hang vertically, without coiling and without touching the bottom of the cabinet or designed and intended by the cabinet manufacturer for horizontal storage of flexible endoscopes.
  • Storage cabinets used for flexible endoscopes should be cleaned and disinfected with an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant when visibly soiled and on a regular basis (e.g., daily, weekly).
  • Cabinets should be situated in a secure location in the clean workroom of the endoscopy processing room.
  • Storage cabinets should have doors and be located at least 3’ from any sink.

Download ScopeVault™ Brochure For More Information

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